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    "Mary Mac's compassionately helpful guide to the grieving process is a 'must read' for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. I found "21 Things You Must Know About The Grieving Process" gave me the much needed support to move forward with my life. Mary provided clarity on the myriad of roller-coaster feelings and thoughts I'd been battling with, plus gave practical ways to deal with these - something so valuable but rare to find - especially when you are floating in a fog of grief and despair. Mary - your understanding of the grieving process and sharing a way to navigate through it is truly a gift - my heartfelt thanks."

    Sheila Lavender

    Lavender Vale

    Keri-Keri, New Zealand

    (c) 1999, 2020 Mary M. McCambridge

    An excellent overview of the grieving process for the newly bereaved, for a relative or friend who wants to better understand what the bereaved is experiencing so they may be effective in supporting them, or the professional who needs to learn the essential challenges those who have experienced a loved one's death deal with at the beginning of their journey.